Payroll tax alert: Do you have interstate employees?
Does your business have employees working interstate, whether on a permanent basis or on a temporary remote working arrangement? It is important to understand that the level of your total wages across Australia can affect when you start to have a payroll tax liability in a particular state/territory. read more
The ATO focus areas for 2022
Assistant Commissioner Tim Loh said “The ATO is targeting problem areas where we see people making mistakes.” Below we review some key points to help you ensure these ATO focus areas won’t be a problem for you this tax time. read more
A short guide on when tax applies to business gifts and staff events
It's important to understand that just because something is a gift, or provided as a reward or donation, doesn't necessarily mean it is safe from tax. Below we provide a short guide on when tax applies to various business gifts and staff events. read more
What working from home expenses can you claim?
What working from home expenses you can claim is determined by both the type of working from home setup you have and also by the method you are using to make the claim. Currently there is also a ‘shortcut’ method available that makes it simpler to claim working from home expenses during the coronavirus pandemic. read more
Instant asset write-off provisions now unlimited for businesses with an aggregated turnover of under $5 billion
The instant asset write-off provisions are now available until 30 June 2022. Also, for the first time, businesses with aggregated turnover of $500 million or above, but under $5 billion, are eligible to benefit. Below we comment on six things to be aware of when considering the instant asset write-off provisions. read more
Looking to claim a tax deduction for transporting bulky equipment to and from work?
Normally, going to and from work is seen to be private travel. This means any expenses involved, such as running costs for your car, or public transport fares, are considered personal and so can not be claimed as a tax deduction. However, there is an exception that provides for claiming a tax deduction for transporting bulky equipment to and from work. read more
Tax cuts under the Personal Income Tax Plan: 2020-2021 and beyond
Stage 2 of the Personal Income Tax plan - we summarise the changes that have been implemented and provide some examples of the impact on personal income tax bills and weekly pay packets that result from those changes. read more
Tax offsets and why the recent personal income tax cuts don’t necessarily give you cash back
The fact is that the changes to the personal income tax was in the form of tax offsets, rather than straightforward cash payments to tax payers. What this means is that first, you have to have a tax liability to benefit from the changes. read more
Beware ATO actions to recover tax and superannuation debt
The ATO can take various actions to recover debts. The action taken is tailored to each individual situation and based on the circumstances, past behaviour and lodgment and payment history. read more
4 Key Points on the Instant Asset Write-Off Provisions
Eligible businesses can use these provisions to claim an immediate tax deduction for the full cost of qualifying assets under the threshold amount - rather than being restricted to only claiming the depreciated amount each year for the next 10 years. read more

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