PPSR anniversary coming up: Retain your security interests by renewing registrations
The seven year anniversary is important because this is when the first lot of PPSR registrations will start to expire. The default and cheapest option for a PPSR registration covers seven years or less. For some items the maximum timeframe you can register for is seven years. read more
Safe harbour introduced for Directors promotes rescue rather than closure of struggling companies
A recent reform of Australia’s stringent insolvent trading laws has enabled a safe harbour from personal civil liability for directors who are taking a course of action to keep struggling businesses afloat. read more
Protect your business: Ensure your PPSR registrations are enforceable
Just because you have made a PPSR registration doesn't mean it is automatically enforceable. read more
Directors and Business Owners: Are you exposing your family home to risk?
Most directors and business owners would understand that if creditors, clients or employees take action against their business, the assets and wealth of the business are at risk. read more
Business Name Ownership: Why it’s important to check who your business name is registered to
Do you know who the registered holder of your business name is? Have you changed business structures since registering your business name? You may need to update your business name registration. read more

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