Federal Government Stimulus #3 : JobKeeper Wage Subsidy
The wage subsidy scheme provides for a flat rate $1,500 payment per eligible employee, at eligible businesses, for six months. These payments are called JobKeeper payments. This scheme will be administered by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and payments under the scheme will be processed from the first week of May onward. read more
COVID-19 help for businesses: Rolling coverage of announcements
Rolling coverage of the help for small businesses, being released across Australia in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19). This is not about the number of cases or who has it, we are focusing on providing information on things that will help businesses operate through and beyond the crisis, particularly stimulus measures. read more
The Federal Government’s Stimulus Package to help Australia through COVID-19
The Federal Government has made two economic stimulus package announcements so far. These packages have now been legislated and most of the measures included have already taken effect. Below we go over the key measures to support businesses, then those to support individuals. read more
6 Key Steps for Contingency Planning in the Coronavirus Climate
It is as important for businesses to have a plan to manage any financial or operational flow on effects they may experience, as it is to have a plan to cope with necessary absences or leave required for self-isolation measures if COVID-19 is contracted by an employee, contractor or customer who has been onsite. read more

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