Quick and easy access to the websites you need for Australia’s major banking and financial institutions. Go directly to the business pages and online for the relevant institutions and check your statements, manage your accounts and more.

02Want To Be A

Do you want to know more about your current net worth, and how you can increase it, to build your savings and grow your wealth? These calculators will show you how long it will take to reach your goals.

03Looking For
A Loan?

Whether you’re looking for the best rate, want to know how long it will take to repay your loan or trying to find out how much you can borrow, our calculators will help you get a clear understanding of affordability, payments, interest rates and more for various types of loan.

04Keep On Track
Of Deadlines

Never miss a deadline or have a last-minute panic again! Find out the key lodgement dates for your tax reporting and other financial matters. Add these important dates to your calendar and stay super-organised!

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Stay on top of your money, make sure you’re not spending beyond your means and give your finances a health check. These handy resources, tips and calculators are perfect for individuals who want to make the most of their money and organise their finances for the future.

06Secure A

Are you retired, approaching retirement age or simply organising your finances ahead of time for a secure and comfortable future? Find out more about how you can maximise your retirement income and make sure your money works for you and your family.

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Covering everything from information for start-ups and business development to succession planning and selling your business, our essential list of resources provides a wealth of information and advice for business owners of all kinds. Find the right software to help your business get ahead, learn about your tax obligations, find out how to manage your workforce and much more.

Looking For A Clear Picture
Of Your Finances?

Focus Accounting and Financial Group offer clarity and insight into your current position, as well as a reliable strategy for future success. For tailored accounting services, business advice, SMSF support and a partnership you can trust, book your free consultation today.


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